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LunaCross AnswersAt this site you will be able to find the answers of the game LunaCross in all possible languages. If you have played the puzzle CodyCross before, then LunaCross will not be anything new for you. Here you will meet the little alien Luna, that came at our planet. She needs our help to discover new things during her adventure on earth. If you have any question about this game, don’t hesitate to write us a comment below. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Be aware that LunaCross can be downloaded for free at both PlayStore and Appstore.

LunaCross Answers:

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How to play LunaCross Crossword puzzle and how to get free coins:

Everyone would like some free coins at the beginning in oder to start this journey without any difficulties. Well i do have a good news for you my dear friends: Team Fanatee will provide for every single player at the beginning of the game some free coins and after returning to the App day after day, you will be rewarded too with other coins. Another possibility is to watch the video recommended from Team Fanatee. Now let’s go back to LunaCross puzzle. Your duty here is to help Luna ( the little Alien) after landing on our planet. She needs our help in oder to end her journey and to return to her planet. So by giving the correct answer, pretty soon she will reach her destination.